It is our objective, through this Program, to provide agents who represent PHPA Members with the appropriate resources, information, and advice to help effectively represent players.

Throughout the year the PHPA accepts applications for entry into the Agent Program. Please thoroughly review the regulations governing the PHPA Agent Program and the Agent Program application below.

In order to apply for the Program you must:

  1. Execute the PHPA Agent Program Application and mail, fax, or e-mail it to the PHPA Hockey Operations Department at along with your annual fee.
    • The annual fee for the Program is $365 US per annum, payable by certified check, money order, or online through the PHPA Shop Zone.
    • For agencies with multiple agents, we also offer an annual subscription of $595 US per annum payable by certified check, money order, or online through the PHPA Shop Zone. This allows for up to three agent accounts within the same firm. .

  2. Satisfy one of the following criteria:
    • be actively Certified with the NHLPA; or
    • currently represent a professional player playing in the AHL or ECHL (to be verified by player or with a duly executed player-agent representation agreement); or
    • have a duly executed player-agent representation agreement (please attach a copy to your application) with a current / former professional player.

Please Note: The Agent Program is a subscription-based service. Any agent who wishes to subscribe to the Program must apply in accordance with the application process set forth within Section 1. A of the Regulations. While we encourage all agents to subscribe to the Program, there is no license, registration, or certification prerequisite to negotiate an AHL or ECHL contract.

All applicants who are approved will receive:

  • access to the PHPA Agents Only website
  • individual profile listing on and the Players’ Only website
  • a copy of the AHL and ECHL Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • important memos and communiqués throughout the season
  • other information / resources deemed appropriate by the PHPA

Once your application has been approved you will receive a welcome email which includes your Agents Only website login information. Applications will be processed within 30 days of our receipt of the fully executed document. Should your application be denied, your fee will be refunded / returned.

Please contact the PHPA Hockey Operations Department (289-296-5561) with any questions regarding the Program or the application process.