Annual PHPA Fall Enrollment Tour is Officially Underway

Author: Darryl Dionne, PHPA Director of Communications and Business Development
Date: Oct 16, 2017

Each Fall, Larry Landon, Executive Director of the Professional Hockey Players’ Association (PHPA) along with PHPA Benefits Administrator, Paulette Salewski travel across Canada and the United States to meet with players from each American Hockey League and ECHL team, educating approximately 1600 PHPA Members across 57 teams on what their union does for them.  Although the annual Fall Enrollment Tour typically takes 8 - 10 weeks to complete, it is an essential component of the services provided to PHPA Members.

During each team presentation, which are about 90 minutes in length, players are given a brief history and overview of the PHPA, an in-depth analysis of the health benefits and insurance afforded to PHPA Members and their families, introduced to the variety of programs offered through their Association (Career Enhancement Program, Membership Assistance Program, business relationships, etc.) and delve into topics which impact players across the sport. 

Entering the third year of a four-year collective bargaining agreement between the PHPA and AHL, players are provided with an overview of the key provisions within their CBA. ECHL players, who are entering the final year of a five-year collective bargaining agreement, are given a similar look at the various economic provisions contained within the agreement, while PHPA staff collect feedback from players on the areas within the agreement most important to them.

“Players need to be aware of what their Association does for them, and know that they have a very experienced and dedicated staff at their disposal,” said PHPA Executive Director, Larry Landon.  “We educate and inform our Members about their union, so when they eventually reach the NHL (nearly 90% of current NHL players were at one time PHPA Members) and become NHLPA Members, they are fully acclimated to a unionized environment.”

“You also can’t beat the face-to-face interaction with players.  It helps us keep our fingers on the pulse of what is going on, while bringing players up to speed on all aspects of the PHPA and their respective Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the meeting for players is the distribution of new PHPA branded ‘swag’ to the entire team.  This year, players will receive PHPA branded toques produced by CCM as well as USK bags branded with the PHPA 50th Anniversary logo.

With an ever evolving hockey landscape it will be an important year for players to be kept well informed of their rights as professional hockey players.

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